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We offer psychological assessment, disability evaluations, forensic evaluations, and anger management treatment. We also offer EMDR and individual psychotherapy.

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Psychological Assessment

Diagnostic clarification and school-based testing

Psychological Assessment, also commonly referred to as psychological testing, evaluates thinking, learning and behaviors. Through a series of interviews, observation and testing (usually puzzles, tasks, games, etc) we are able to pinpoint your child's strengths and areas of growth. Testing can often be used to optimize learning curriculums to your child's strengths, and focus needed attention on areas that could improve. Testing can provide valuable insights into personality, behavior and skills. 

Including, but not limited to IQ testing, achievement testing (and IEPs), personality assessment, learning disability, and military evaluations.


Individual treatment to improve your quality of life


Psychotic Disorders
Anger Management (court mandated)
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Group Therapy for Depression (CBT-based)

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Forensic Evaluation

For justice-involved individuals

Including, but not limited to, competency evaluations, SSI disability evaluations, conservatorship hearings, and court testimony.

Anger Management

Court-mandated treatment

This is an anger management protocol recognized by California courts and probation

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